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Snes9x es un emulador de la consola Super Nintendo (conocida como Super Famicom en Japón) disponible para distintas plataformas, incluyendo Windows, Linux, MacOS, MS-DOS, PSP, Dingoo-A320 (Bajo el sistema operativo Dingux) Xbox y Wii. Inicialmente fue creado por Gary Henderson y Jerremy Koot. Actualmente es mantenido por Matthew Kendora y Brad Jorsch.

Versión: 1.52 fix4 
Fecha: 15 de enero 2010 
Sistema Operativo: Win98/98SE/Me/2000/NT/XP/Vista/7

Snes9x 1.52
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: The structure of savestates (also known as snapshots / freeze files) is incompatible with older versions! Snes9x 1.52 cannot read the savestates created by 1.51 or older. (zones)
    Highly acculate SPC700 and S-DSP emulation. (Blargg)
  • Replaced APU emulation cores (SPC700 and S-DSP) with ones provided by Blargg's SNES_SPC library. This renders savestates incompatible with older versions. (BearOso, zones)
  • SPC7110 emulation. (byuu, neviksti)
  • Merged bsnes' SPC7110 emulation code. Note that the .rtc file of Far East of Eden Zero is incompatible with older versions. (zones)
  • Removed graphics pack support. It's no more necessary. (zones)
  • Replaced S-RTC emulation code with bsnes' one to keep the good compatibility of .rtc files between the two emulators. As a result, Daikaijuu Monogatari 2 now outputs the .rtc file, and its .srm file is incompatiblewith older versions. (zones)
  • Added savestate supports for DSP-2, DSP-4, ST-010 and OBC1. (zones)
    Added UPS support. (byuu)
  • Fixed DSP-4 AI problem. (Jonas Quinn)
  • Fixed invalid memory accesses in C4 and OBC1 codes. (zones)
  • Fixed invalid memory accesses in BSX codes. My mistake. (zones)
  • Fixed the read value of $213e, $4210 and $4211. (zones)
  • Fixed the writing of word values at the memory boundary. (zones)
  • Fixed the bug that the unnecessary SA-1 emulation continues once any SA-1 games are launched. (zones)
  • Removed old color blending codes. (zones)
  • Removed too-old Snes96 and ZSNES snapshot support. (zones)
  • Updated command-line options. (zones)
  • Code cleaning. (zones)
  • GTK+ : Added a port of Snes9x to the GTK+ toolkit. (BearOso)
  • Unix : Reconstructed and simplified all the contents. Some features have been removed to be simple, and many options have changed. GTK+ port is recommended for most of Linux users. (zones)
  • Win32: Now uses snes9x.conf to prevent problems with modified meaning of settings. (OV2)
  • Win32: Removed broken OpenGL mode. (OV2)
  • Win32: Removed support for 8bit output. (OV2)
  • Win32: Reworked settings dialogues to accomodate the new APU core and display settings. (OV2)
  • Win32: Updated defaults to use D3D and XA2 (betterVista and Win7 support). (OV2)
  • Win32: Direct3D and XAudio2 support. (OV2)
  • Win32: Added Blargg's ntsc filter (three presets). (OV2)
  • Mac : Fixed corrupted screenshot on Intel Mac. (zones)
  • Mac : Fixed sudden abort in QuickTime movie export on Intel Mac. (zones)
  • Mac : Changed sound settings for the new APU core. (zones)
    Mac : Changed the default folder which Snes9x looks forto 'Application Support' folder. (zones)
  • Mac : Changed folder names: 'IPSs' -> 'Patches','BIOSs' -> 'BIOSes'. (zones)
  • Mac : Added Blargg's ntsc filter. (zones)
  • Mac : Internal changes for Leopard and Snow Leopard. (zones)


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